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Music/Art + AI + Ethics WORKSHOPS


mozAIrt is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit

We are on a mission to inspire & motivate the next generation of girls and other underrepresented minorities about Artificial Intelligence through Music and Art with the goal of cultivating Racial Equity in the field of AI


Learn more about our AI for Social Good Contest here.


Eli Whitney 101 Workshop

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Try AI Workshop: AAAI Conference

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ISTE Book for teachers around the world

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Princeton AI4ALL Panel

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STSI: Sister to Sister Summer Workshop

Find out more about these workshops and more here...

What is Neural Art & Music?

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Neural Art and Music use machine learning algorithms in order to develop and compose unique pieces of art. These algorithms make it possible for us to create our own pieces of art from a style and content image, mimicking the painting styles of artists like Picasso. Through music we gain the capability to compose music with techniques and patterns similar to Mozart and Beethoven. 


Marliza Campbell-Dorsey, 7th Grade

This was so cool! I didn't know a lot of the things I learned before I went to the conference.

Rihanna Permaul, 7th Grade

This workshop was very informative and helped me understand more AI and the instructor was incredibly helpful with questions and concerns

Vickie Waite, CS Teacher Maclay Middle School

I love the simplistic lesson plan with its clear objectives and steps for instructions. The advanced planning links are very helpful!

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